Obamacare Death Panels criticize V.A. Death Panels

Death Panel

Whistle blowers inside the Veteran’s Affairs Administration have revealed that veterans in need of life saving care were routinely placed on secret waiting lists. These unofficial waiting lists were a means to cook the books and conceal the truth about the time that veterans have to wait to receive essential lifesaving care. Veterans were placed on secret waiting list until treatment was available, then they were moved to the official waiting list. This clandestine system made the veteran’s health care system falsely appear much more efficient and effective than it really is. Veterans with serious but treatable illnesses waited months and years, some even dying on these secret waiting lists. Initial information showed that as many as forty (40) veterans may have died while on these secret waiting lists, but new information is surfacing that this illicit practice may be pervasive throughout the entire system. An unknown number of veterans may have perished while on these waiting lists.

An unexpected critic of the Veteran’s Affairs Administration secret waiting list practice has been Obamacare Death Panels. Members of the Obamacare Death Panels take issue with the secrecy of the V.A. waiting list practice. A death panel member stated, “If we just don’t have the dollar resources and it’s just not cost effective for the system to keep someone alive, the patient needs to be informed. That’s why Obamacare Death Panels are an important element of the socialized healthcare system. If we review your case and decree that the cost of your care is more than your value as a human being, you then have time to get spiritual or do whatever it is that you do.

One senior death panel member commented that a major problem is a lack of understanding. ”People just don’t understand what it takes to run giant socialized medicine bureaucracies like Obamacare and the VA Hospital systems. Most of the system has little or nothing to do with treatment of any kind. It takes an unbelievable number of office clerks and data entry specialists to analyze and change medical procedures into obscure codes before a doctor ever sees a patient. Those clerks and data analysts need offices, desks, computers, water coolers, drapes, décor, employee lounges, vacation seminars, first class airfare and benefit packages, it’s a substantial financial commitment. In fact the VA has swelled from a 140,000 to 280,000 employees in recent years and they still can’t get a handle on the management of the administration of veteran’s healthcare. Obamacare, as an even larger socialized medical system will be experiencing the same issues magnified tenfold. Initial projections predict we will need 2 dollars out of every 1 dollars in revenue that the federal government collects in taxes to administer Obamacare. Personally, I am ready to spend those funds when they are committed.”

Most of the death panel members were concerned that the secret waiting lists were dishonest. Said one death panelist, “Being placed on a secret list of endless standby waiting for healthcare until you time out and die is the same exact thing as being declared unfit for care by an Obamacare Death Panel. Let’s just call it what it is instead of using these exhausting semantics. That way the bureaucrats that put veterans on these secret waiting lists can be recognized as the very effective cost cutting measure that they are, they are Death Panelists like us and should be compensated accordingly for their work.”

President Obama spoke on the Veteran’s Affairs crisis and announced that there will be investigation into the secret waiting list practice. The Office of the Inspector General is standing by to find no wrongdoing.



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