The Emperor is Naked.

 The Emperor is Naked


The Emperor is Naked.

A cascade of scandals demoralizes the White House. The president’s agenda is stalled as he attempts to flit from one controversy to the next without so much as a breather. Not even half way through his second term, Obama is cast as a lame duck. Even his most staunch defenders are at a loss on how to justify his actions. A crisis of confidence has descended over Obama’s once hopeful followers. Fear is spreading amongst the populous that Obama is responsible as the country and world slip into chaos and anarchy. Word is sent down to the press corps that the president will make a very important announcement today. Today the president will make an announcement that will lay out a clear direction for the country for remainder of his term. This announcement will restore confidence in his leadership and quiet his critics.

An aid announces President Obama’s impending entry. The customary hush comes over the White House Press Room. Reporters finish their lead in reports and quickly take their seats. Gasps of shock are audible in the crowded room as the president walks into the press briefing room totally naked. His eyes are tightly shut as he takes the podium. The usually composed press corps stares in gaping mouthed, slack jawed amazement. The room is so quiet that only the slight hum of the press room speakers can be heard.

Eyes still tightly shut Obama speaks “I have a very important announcement.  I want to tell you all about my new clothes.” The single voice of a lone reporter boomed out clearly in the crowded room, “Mr. President, you are naked.” “Racist!” “Bigot!” a couple of the president’s most fanatical supporters desperately tried to fall back on their well-worn defensive tools. To no avail, there was not a smidge of clothing on the president. Obama leaned into the microphone and his voice was unbearably loud over the speakers, “I am your president, and you will listen to me about my new clothes!” Desperation had crept into his voice and just like that his power to enthrall was dispelled.

The icy chill of fear started to grip the hearts of Obama’s supporters in the room. They had all tried to shut their eyes to it, just as the president’s eyes remained tightly shut, but Obama had really always been naked. His beliefs and policies had always been based a naïve idealism that had been proven disastrous time and again throughout history. The truth was that the liberal idealistic media had given Obama cover. They had clothed his radically dysfunctional administration in legitimacy. They had packaged his bankrupt, defunct socialistic idealism for mass appeal. They felt the stabbing realization that they were partly responsible for Obama and the results of his catastrophic presidency. They had blood on their hands.

The even more frightening thought was that Obama was still president for two more years. How many more crisis’ would befall America and the world. How many more American institutions would lose the faith of the people and be under mind by Obama’s perversion of law and logic? How much more of our valuable resources would be wasted on failure and corruption? How many more people would die on waiting lists, in humanitarian crisis, or in violence resulting from Obama’s failed ideals?  How can we make sure for future generations that Obama receives all the credit that he is due? How do we make sure that we are not fooled again?


2 thoughts on “The Emperor is Naked.

    • Figuratively this happens every time President Obama steps up to the podium with a policy that is purely political, with no thought to the consequences.

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