Barack Obama, the most transparent president ever?


In his inauguration speech, President Obama pledged that his would be the most transparent presidency in history. Transparency means that his administration is open and willing to report on its activities. That means that each one of us can file a request through the Freedom of Information Act and obtain information on how the different departments of government serve us and do their job. For instance if l wanted information about how Obama’s Internal Revenue Service is persecuting people for their political beliefs, I could file a FOIA request for information on who is responsible for that. If I wanted information about how the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms smuggled assault weapons into Mexico that were later used by drug traffickers to murder countless Mexican Nationals and a US Border Patrol Agent, I could file a request for that. If I wanted information on why our ambassador in Benghazi was abandoned and left for dead, I could file a request for that. If I wanted information about how the National Security Agency violated the Constitution and illegally gathered meta data on all Americans, I could file a request for that. If I wanted information how the Obama Justice Department illegally spied on members of the Associated Press under the false pretense that they were investigating terrorism, I could file a request for that. You get the idea, if you wanted information on any of the innumerable Constitutional abuses of power being carried out by the Obama Presidency you could file a request for that information.

Unfortunately for President Obama the March 17th Washington Post story titled “Sunshine Week reports show transparency complaints still dog Obama Administration” reveal that the Obama Presidency has actually been the least transparent in all history. In the case of the Obama’s Administration, many of the requests for information on the above abuses of executive branch authority are completely ignored. If President Obama had no intention of his administration actually being transparent then why would he have made such a claim? Perhaps it was us that misunderstood what he was saying. Perhaps he meant something different than transparent. Maybe Obama meant that his Presidency would be the most opaque in history, as the Washington Post article suggested. Perhaps he meant that he could cloud and conflate issues so as to confuse, distract, misdirect, fool and waylay the American public better than any president in history. It doesn’t make sense though, that Obama would tout his administrations considerable prowess for opacity. Perhaps Obama meant that his presidency would be the most obtuse presidency in history. Insensitive, stupid, simpleminded, ignorant, witless, slow to understand, the definition of obtuse describes the Obama Presidency and its policies to a T. Obama became president with the agenda of closing Guantanamo Bay, instituting a massive economic stimulus, civilian justice trials for terrorists in downtown New York, environmental carbon tax. All of these policies, among many more were only abandoned by President Obama after they had totally imploded. Many of these abandoned Obama policies were obviously dangerous and stupid, as highlighted by the fact that many didn’t even receive support from Democrats. Many of President Obama’s current policies are just as irresponsible, dangerous and stupid. Some examples of these policies that Obama clings too: apologetic appeasement foreign policy, shrinking the military, entitlement state, immigration amnesty, and of course Obamacare.  It doesn’t make sense that Obama would tout the obtuseness of his administration either, so what did he really mean?

Perhaps President Obama was talking about his administrations transparency, but in a way that no one understood at the time. We can see now that both at home and abroad, the daftness of Obama’s idealism is being realized. The inapplicability and impracticality of Obama’s policies are starting to become undeniable.  His stanch supporters are showing signs of doubt and at times even desperation. Obama’s presidency is becoming transparent, as we all can see that his credibility and influence is very apparently fading away. People’s faith in Obama’s leadership is disappearing. The words and promises of President Obama carry no weight with foreign governments, either ally or adversary. Along with the president’s influence, America’s influence in the world is also evaporating like smoke or mist. We may soon get a chance to see what the world looks like without the influence of a free democratic military superpower. The world is already looking more unstable, more fearful. On the bright side the transparency of President Obama’s influence is advancing at such an accelerated rate, his may soon become the very first invisible president. Perhaps he will then go down in history with two firsts. Perhaps I’m just enjoying the Political Ridicule too much?


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