Chicago Street Gangs Sponsor Neighborhood Gun Buying Program


Chicago Street Gangs Sponsor Neighborhood Gun Buying Program.

This 4th of July holiday weekend Chicago’s street violence body count was 16 dead, 82 wounded in just the last 4 days. What you won’t see in the news headlines is that violent Chicago street gang members all strongly support harsh gun control laws. In fact many of the most well-known and violent Chicago street gangs have started their own neighborhood gun buying campaigns. Members were very candid about their pro-gun control views.

We caught up with some of these enterprising youths as they set up a neighborhood gun buying program in one of the most violent government housing projects in Chicago. They agreed to speak with us as long as they were identified only by alias.

Politicule Q: Why do they call you True Money Killer?

True Money Killer A: Cause sometimes in this world you have to do really bad things to get paid and that’s the truth.

Politicule Q: May I call you TMK for short?

True Money Killer A: Just call me Truth.

Politicule Q: Now why do they call Chicago, Chiraq?

Truth A: Cause it’s a war zone.

Politicule Q: Now Mr. Truth you were telling me about how you and many of your gang support the strict gun-control laws that are instituted here in the City of Chicago?

Truth A: Of course, things are dangerous enough out here when we have a shootout with our enemies. Can you imagine how much more confusing it would be if average Joe citizen had a gun too and was trying to defend themselves?

Also, most gang members don’t appreciate an armed public anyways.  When you pull a gun on somebody to rob them, you don’t what to be wondering whether or not your victim is going to pull a gun and shoot you. You just want to get your business done, get their valuables and be on your way without a hassle. We are with the gun-control advocates on this issue. In fact, it would suit us if all of America had the same strict gun-control laws as Chicago. Then it would be like every American was an ATM for us. Push the button and cha-ching.

Politicule Q: I see that you are engaged in setting up your own neighborhood gun buying program?

Truth A: Yes we are letting everyone in the community know that if they have a gun we will buy it no questions asked.

Politicule Q: Are you working with the authorities, are you planning to turn the guns you buy over to the police?

Truth A: Hell no, we are going to put these guns to work right away. The guns will be useful getting revenge on our rivals for all of our people they’ve shot.

Politicule Q: Um I see, are you at all worried about the police finding out about your gun buying program?

Truth A: The police and the Mayor’s office don’t know what to do. They tried to offer us counseling and other kinds of “Hug a Thug” programs, but they just don’t understand. It‘s human nature, before they called them gangs they were called tribes. The whole of recorded human history is what tribe made war on the other and why. Its human instinct to make war on people who have what you want, or want what you have. Warfare is the organizing principle behind society.

Politicule Q: Wow that’s deep.

Truth A: Haha, never judge a book by its cover.

Politicule Q: What about the Feds? What about the FBI, coming in and prosecuting you guys Federally for Racketeering and weapons crimes?

Truth A: Under this Justice Department? No way, the Feds have no credibility. It was Federal Agents who sold thousands of assault weapons to Mexican Drug Trafficking Cartels. That little Federal Mission resulted in the murder of a lot of Mexicans. Imagine that, subsidized guns for foreign drug cartels but not for American criminal enterprise? We should sue their asses over that one.

Politicule Q: Wow I never thought about it like that. Is that what keeps the FBI from sending in the Violent Crimes Task Force to take over the investigations from Chicago Police?

Truth A: Hey I would love to keep talking to you, but if we stand here too long there’s gonna be a drive by.

With that our interview was concluded, but what Mr. Truth told me was very thought provoking. Gun violence seems to intensify in cities with strict gun control laws. It makes sense, even the most amateurish criminal wants to maximize their chance for success and minimize their risk of death. In states with strong gun rights laws and concealed firearm permits, as in Florida violent crime is at 15 year lows. It is the same with mass shooting incidents, they occur in areas where the public is required to be disarmed. This is the strategy mass shooters use to maximize their body count and thus their wished for notoriety. This information is starting to get out, and it will not be long before politicians like the Mayor of Chicago can no longer put politics before the fundamental right of the people to defend themselves.

Maybe it’s time that the left wing gun control advocates learned what the Feudalistic Japanese knew centuries ago, an armed society is a polite society.  Or maybe this is just thinly veiled Political Ridicule?


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