Grievance Politics The Game Show


Grievance Politics the Game Show: Welcome to America’s favorite game-show, Grievance Politics with your host Al Sharpton. For those of you tuning in for the first time, here’s how “Grievance Politics” works. Contestants compete in games of skill, knowledge and effort to win cash and prizes. According to the strict conventions of political correctness contestants are divided by race, gender, ethnicity, culture, education and socioeconomic status. These differences are then further accentuated by the appropriate wardrobe and costumes. These manufactured identity divisions make it easier to manage, control and pit people against each other for the benefit of the audience. The contestant in the lead is called “The Have” and the other contestants become the “Have-Nots”. If the Have-Nots can’t or won’t compete in the game they do have an alternative. That’s where we play Grievance Politics. The Have-Nots can concoct a grievance against the Have. The grievance can be based on real or perceived wrongs by the Have against the Have-Nots, but can be factually baseless. The object of the grievance is to get the Have and studio audience to feel guilty and give the Have-Nots some of the winnings in restitution for the grievance. The result is that the Have-Nots get a portion of the winnings for nothing. Grievances are usually rationalizations about why the Have had advantages in the contests of skill, knowledge or effort. Examples of grievances are: I didn’t win because of my gender, age, poverty, lack of education or cultural identity, coupled with the fact that the Have somehow cheated and rigged the competition to favor themselves and disadvantage the Have-Nots. Of course the grievance that trumps all others is the “Race Card” which usually results in an automatic win. Once the Have-Not makes an emotional plea on the basis for their grievance, the studio audience votes and decides what an appropriate share of the Have’s prize is to settle the grievance. Grievances not only prevent one contestant from getting too far ahead of the others, but it limits the overall winnings of everyone involved because you can’t play the game while a grievance is being decided. Whole games are spent fighting over insignificant amounts of cash or prizes. Sometimes Have-Nots even lodge grievances against each other. Grievance Politics is human nature on display in all its’ greedy and petty glory. The Grievance strategy is a powerful aspect of the game, as many of the players come on the show without any intention of playing any challenges and strictly focus on obtaining winnings through Grievance Politics. It really becomes interesting when your humble host Al Sharpton offers his own commentary to enflame the passions of the contestants and studio audience. Many times this has resulted in acts of violence, up to and including all out civil unrest. The set has even been burned to the ground on several occasions. Nonetheless, people never get tired of fiery commentary by good ole Al Sharpton. He even injects controversy and division where there is none just for fun and profit. In truth the only winners are the producers of the “Show”. The contestants rarely gain anything of value at all, but even after all these years they still don’t seem to realize that they’re the ones being played. Now that you know rules, let’s all play Grievance Politics America! Want to be a contestant on Grievance Politics? Write in to find out how, or is this just a poignantly targeted political ridicule using a false pretense to illustrate the trail of extortion, violence, and destruction that Al Sharpton leaves in his wake time after time. Lets not be played again.


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