Obama’s “No Strategy”

Obama'sNoStrategyObama’s “No Strategy”

We are going to destroy (and support) ISIS.
President Obama passed on numerous opportunities to inflict damage on ISIS. Obama could have attacked ISIS months ago and in fact has been briefed regularly for over a year. In fact what Obama did do was to destabilize Iraq and Libya, consequently allowing ISIS and other Jihadists organizations to establish never seen before standing terrorist armies in those countries.

We are going to defame (and promote) ISIS.
President Obama has been an apologist to radical Islam and even provided them with the pretense for attacking America when he falsely stated that the U.S. tortured terrorists with enhanced interrogation techniques. Obama also lulled the American public into a false sense of security by stating that al-Qaeda was destroyed. Obama’s dithering and lack of response has shifted the apparent balance of power to ISIS and made the US seem powerless. Just this week the US State Department produced a video supposedly to show the barbarity of ISIS, but many analysts are astonished at the content saying that the depictions of violence will make it a promotional recruiting video.

We are going to degrade (and arm) ISIS.
Obama has been arming supposed resistance fighters in Syria. Some of these groups were effectively front operations for ISIS, others ultimately joined up with ISIS so as not be on the wrong side of them. US weapons that were provided to Saudi Arabia have also been pipelined to ISIS, whether or not this was done intentionally by the Saudi’s is open to speculation. All of this is not even taking into account the weapons and armored vehicles that ISIS took after the Iraqi Army took off their uniforms and fled into the night.

We are going to make ISIS a manageable problem.
President Obama declared that the only way he will prosecute military action against ISIS is with an International coalition in which all involved contribute equally. With this complex prerequisite for action, it is unlikely that any action will take place. President Obama, your president is telling America that the terrorist Islamic State is a problem that we are going to try and manage, a problem that we are going to have to live with.


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