President Denies Knowing Obama?

President Denies Kowing Obama

In the wake of the Jonathan Gruber scandal, the Presidential denials of knowledge are even extending to core members of his administration. Jonathan Gruber is a high profile economist at MIT and has been credited by numerous Democrats (including Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and even the President himself) as the architect of Obamacare. In early November numerous internet videos surfaced of Gruber at academic functions making statements that the truth about Obamacare is that it had to be obscured to sell it to the public. He even goes on to say that Obamacare became law due to “The stupidity of the American voter.” The White House and the Democrat Party reacted almost reflexively by denying that they even know Jonathan Gruber. However, this proved to be laughable as more videos surfaced of the key players (The President, Pelosi and Reid) all praising Gruber and crediting his advice for the “success” of new healthcare law. In fact, the official White House visitors log shows that Gruber visited the White House 19 times since 2009. Department of Health and Human Service records show that Gruber was paid nearly $400,000 to create the computer simulation that the Congressional Budgeting Office used to score the cost analysis of Obamacare. The connections uncovered by the most superficial amount of scrutiny makes it obvious that saying the President was being untruthful about Gruber’s involvement in Obamacare is being kind.

The extent of the overtly bogus denials doesn’t end there. In an administration where time in between scandals can sometimes be measured in hours. A new scandal quickly emerged after the President announced his executive order on immigration that effectively grants amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Numerous videos (14 to be exact) of Barack Obama, a Harvard Constitutional law professor stating the President is not the Emperor and does not have the authority to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants quickly surfaced. When questioned about the prior 14 videos where he Barack Obama stated the President doesn’t have the authority to grant amnesty through executive order, President Obama stated that he doesn’t know who Barack Obama is and that if he was a consultant to the White House he has nothing to do with his executive order on immigration. Predictably, the mainstream news media ran the story “as is” without any investigation into whether Barack Obama was known to the president or ever worked in the White House. Either this is another liberal news media cover up for President Obama, or it’s a poignantly targeted political ridicule using a false pretense to illustrate not only the three ring clown circus of ineptitude and amateurishness that President Obama serves up to the American people on a daily basis, but the corruption of the collaborative liberal news media that help him peddle his denies on the public.


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